Programs & Clinics

Instruction in Calgary, Airdrie and Surrounding Areas

At Maximum Performance Hockey, we have a wide variety of options to help you maximize your skill set! Our programs vary greatly in their focus and length. We believe that constantly building technique is essential for your optimal performance. Our team has programs and clinics for hockey players of all ages.

Programs for All Ages

With our Timbit program, young athletes will have the opportunity to receive expert training that will hone and develop their technique. Our program is focused on helping young skaters develop the basic fundamentals they need to play hockey at the next level. Timbit participants can utilize our skating treadmill and the synthetic ice rink to focus on basic skills – such as passing, shooting, and puck control. All the while, they are building strength, endurance, and a solid stride.

Be the Best Athlete You Can Be

Whether you need specific help on a skill that you are lacking or you want to improve your general performance, sign up for one of our programs! Our skilled coaches will know how direct their training in such a way to help you reach your full potential. The talented coaches we have on staff are committed to turning their students into the strongest athletes they can possibly be! Excellence is our constant goal for all who come through our doors.

The following are some of our programs:

  • On-ice clinics
  • Facility sessions
  • Treadmill skating sessions
  • Synthetic ice training sessions
  • One-on-one skills sessions
  • Shooting clinic
  • Team training sessions

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Why Choose Us?

  • Committed to the pursuit of every athlete's maximum performance level, regardless of age or skill set
  • Our facilities are equipped with the latest training equipment available in the hockey industry
  • Our Synthetic ice Rink helps the players improve their puck control and shooting skills
  • The Skating treadmill allows the instructor to work one on one with the athlete improving their stride, strength and endurance.