Summer Camps

Summer Hockey Camps Open For Enrollment

Our summer camps run 5 days, from 8:00am-4:30pm.

Different On Ice Skills focused on each day will include:

Power Skating: We will spend time each day teaching and emphasizing proper technique, form, speed and skill as they apply to the game of hockey.

Puck Performance: (Shooting, Passing and Stickhandling): Stickhandling is an important hockey skill in the game of ice hockey. Players must develop good puck handling skills in order give and receive passes, shoot, and maintain possession of the puck. With only one puck available during games it is hard for players to spend time handling the puck. Our drills will improve overall stickhandling skills and confidence with the puck. We will also help players improve their overall goal scoring abilities. Players will work on skills that will help them have more time with the puck on their stick and ultimately score more goals.

Puck Protection: Next to skating, puck handling may be the most important skill you need. The ability to maneuver with a puck in traffic is a skill that everyone can improve upon. Our drills will help you learn to maneuver in tight spaces with the puck while keeping your body between the puck and your opponent.
Performance Skating: Performance skating integrates puck control and skating at high speeds to create time and space through deception, head fakes and dekes. Emphasis is on deception tactics through use of patterns and high repetition in tight spaces.

Angling & Stick Checking: Angling can be considered the first line of defense for a player. Body and stick positions are important in checking without making contact. Stick checking may be considered the second line of defense as angling forces the opposition to a position where contact can be made with the stick.

Contact Confidence Clinic (Peewee & Bantam): The clinic will introduce players to proper body contact and battle techniques. Players will compete in a variety of drills and games to focus on various parts of the physical aspect of the game. Safety, body position, posture, angling, delivering and receiving bodychecks are a few of the topics covered in lessons. Our battle drills will allow players to utilize these techniques in a game like situation.

Daily Itinerary Includes:

  • 3 Hours Of Ice or Facility Time Focused On Individual Skill Development
  • Off Ice Shooting Clinic & Skating Treadmill Sessions
  • Dry-land Training
  • Hockey IQ & Nutrition Seminars
  • 3 on 3 Daily Floor Hockey Games (Tournament Structure)
  • Special Guest Speakers each week

$550+gst for 1 week, runs 5 days 8:00am- 4:30pm

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Why Choose Us?

  • Committed to the pursuit of every athlete's maximum performance level, regardless of age or skill set
  • Our facilities are equipped with the latest training equipment available in the hockey industry
  • Our Synthetic ice Rink helps the players improve their puck control and shooting skills
  • The Skating treadmill allows the instructor to work one on one with the athlete improving their stride, strength and endurance.