MPH Bantam/Midget Spring On Ice Development

Spring Hockey Development for players Born 2002 & 2003

This program is designed to prepare your player for their next winter season. This program is essential for players trying to prepare themselves for 2017-18 tryouts.

What’s Included in This Program?

The development group carries a maximum of 2 goalies(Goalies Full) and 26 skaters. Our program will assist players to compete at a higher level & be more comfortable with body contact & physical engagements. This program will focus on age appropriate skill development and players will learn how to utilize their bodies in 1on1 situations, races for loose pucks, puck protection and gameplay.

The program includes:

  • 20 one-hour icetimes with 40 minutes high intensity practice and 20 minutes gameplay(small area games, 3 on 3, 4 on 4, 5 on 5) with an experienced head coach

Sean Gilbert will be the head instructor for this program. He has over 16 years of experience as a hockey instructor and has 21 years of coaching experience. He was a founding partner of Kodiaks Hockey Bootcamp from 2006-2014. His coaching philosophy is to promote the highest degree of skill development by blending the best drill packages geared towards players and to encourage all players to understand and embrace responsible, discipline of team play through hard work and effort.

The program is $720 and is available for registration online

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Call our Airdrie office at (403) 477-0642 for more information about our Bantam/Midget Spring On Ice Development

Why Choose Us?

  • Committed to the pursuit of every athlete's maximum performance level, regardless of age or skill set
  • Our facilities are equipped with the latest training equipment available in the hockey industry
  • Our Synthetic ice Rink helps the players improve their puck control and shooting skills
  • The Skating treadmill allows the instructor to work one on one with the athlete improving their stride, strength and endurance.